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I work 1:1, teach Mindfulness,  healing courses and hold regular meditation classes.  I work as a Life Coach, helping you to identify and make changes in your life, a Kinesiologist to balance your body, an energy healer to realign your energies and a Meditation teacher to help you to deal with stress, negative thoughts and deepen your relationship with yourself.

I also teach Mindfulness in the workplace. If your company is looking to bring Mindfulness into your office, I offer a range of lunchtime, after work and team building days.

Whatever you’re looking for in the area of self care, self acceptance and dealing with life, I hope that there is something here for you. I have recorded a number of healing meditations for you to listen to a free newsletter that you can sign up to a downloadable workbook entitled “5 simple ways to deal with stress” and a host of articles and blog entries that you can browse. Hopefully you will find something that will give you some inspiration or if you’d like to make an appointment you can contact me at or phone me at 086 682 4401.

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Reiki Level 2
Apr 14 @ 10:00 am – Apr 15 @ 4:30 pm

This course is being held on Good Friday and Easter Saturday. If you’re feeling like you are ready to go further with your Reiki training then this might be the course for you. Full of practical, powerful and simple techniques to help heal yourself and others.

Reiki Level II was a beautiful weekend of like minded friends sharing a lovely atmostphere, the ultimate treat! the difference between my practice from Level I to Level II is really tangible and I found it really worthwhile in terms of self development. Marie

For more information & booking details:  :

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