So we’ve looked at chakras in previous articles and we know that there are 7 major chakras that spin in a clockwise direction front and back of the body, as illustrated in the picture below:

Chakras are a hive of activity, constantly feeding energy both into and out of the body. When there is a block in the chakra then it does not spin correctly. It might only spin to the emotional or physical layer of the aura. For emotional, mental and physical wellbeing the chakras must be clear of toxins and everyday debris.

Backwashing the chakra simply means: (using either your left or right hand)

1) Spinning the chakra in a counter clockwise direction thereby unblocking it of any negative energy for about 10 seconds and then:

2) Re-spinning the charka clockwise thus stimulating it to freely spin in its natural pattern. Again for about 10 seconds.

This can be done on any chakra and it can be repeated as many times as you wish. It’s another way of clearing a chakra and I find it especially effective for heavy energy around the solar and sacral chakras. Go with your intuition on how many times this needs to be done. Remember in Reiki you can’t do it wrong!

That’s it! Simple yet very effective.


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