* all names have been changed to protect identity.


Mary came to me for stress relief and healing. She felt a tight knot in her stomach every day, was living on caffeine and chocolate and found it very difficult to relax. She was also lacking clarity on a number of issues in her life including, most notably, her career. This made her feel rattled, she put herself under huge pressure at work and at home and anxiety was a daily companion. She felt her life was out of control. Mary felt she was at a crossroads in her life and wanted to make decisions, fast.

We worked together for 6 sessions and from our time together she found the direction, motivation and self belief to identify and pursue her dreams. She learnt how to relax and look after herself. She identified the career that she wanted and set about moving into that area. She felt in control again. Each and every day she took steps towards the life that she wants and she began to reaping the rewards very quickly.

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Joan was suffering from low energy levels. She found it difficult to get up in the morning and she was stuck in an endless cycle of negative thinking. Joan felt tired all the time and the simplest of tasks took a huge effort to complete. As a consequence of this, Joan feel pretty awful about herself, she knew that she was slipping into a depression but felt helpless to stop it.

Joan came to me for 4 sessions after which she was having no problems getting out bed in the morning, she had more energy than she’s experienced in years and she’s pursuing a new path in complementary therapy. With her energy levels being restored she found that automatically her thinking became more positive and she felt happier than she had in years.

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John worked in IT. Over the phone he told me he wanted to tackle some negative patterns that he kept repeating. These patterns led him to shy away from speaking up at meetings, sharing his ideas, going for promotions at work and making new friends both at work and outside. His confidence was at an all time low and while he knew what the patterns were, he didn’t know how to break the cycle. Consequently, he lacked the motivation to perform well at work and was finding it hard to be motivated by anything, he felt he was “stuck in a rut”.

After working together for 4 sessions, John gained more energy, focus and determination about what it is that he wants in his life, both personally and professionally. He developed a wonderful sense of joy and for the first time in years, lived in the now. He found himself speaking up at work and was becoming more and more confident with every day. 4 months on John has been promoted and is enjoying a more rounded and balanced life.

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Mark was highly stressed. When he first contacted me he wasn’t sleeping, had a very unhealthy diet and was constantly on the go. He slept for approximately 4-6 hours a night of broken sleep. He hadn’t relaxed for years and he could feel the effect it was having on his life but he didn’t know how to stop. On top of this he was suffering from anxiety on an almost daily basis and had experienced a couple of panic attacks.

Over the course of 4 sessions, Mark and I worked on his stress levels and how he responded to and dealt with stress. After identifying the changes he needed to make he saw his options and made more empowering choices. He took up running again and made his health a priority. With this his confidence at work soared, he started sleeping well and longer at night and eating healthier. Now he takes time to relax, he’s happier and he’s got balance in his life. He can handle the stresses that life brings in a positive way.

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Patricia came to me as she felt she was stuck in a rut. She complained of having no choices in her life. That there were too many things that she had to do, had to go to work, had to pay the bills, had to cook the meals, etc, etc. Her list was endless. She felt huge pressure to conform to society and to have all the material things in life. She wasn’t happy and rarely found the energy to be enthusiastic about anything, she rarely smiled and knew it was taking a toll on her relationships.

We worked together for 4 sessions and Patricia discovered who she was, what she wanted and how to achieve her goals. The pressure she was putting herself under soon began to ease and her self esteem and confidence began to grow in leaps and bounds. She developed a positive perspective and today she’s a smiling, new person. Her relationships are healthy and she’s enjoying meeting new people as she pursues different hobbies and interests.

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Ann was lacking direction. She wanted to set goals, motivate herself and have clarity about where she was going both personally and professionally. She lacked balance in her life and regularly worked 10 – 12 hour days. She knew she was working herself to the ground but felt helpless to stop it. She didn’t have time for the relationship that she wanted, which was a major frustration.

We had appointments every two weeks over a period of 3 months, after which Ann discovered balance. She changed the way she worked and became more organised, no longer feeling as if she had to do it all, she began to delegate. I’m very happy to say that Ann is still living and breathing what we worked on 1 year later

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Tony was aware that he held many negative core beliefs. He knew that these were holding him back from going for interviews and promotions at work. He believed that he was capable of more than he was showing, but fear and anxiety were holding him severely back. He didn’t speak up at meetings or share his ideas for fear of repercussions. By the time he came to me he was terrified and fed up with not making the most of himself. He decided that he was ready to make some changes.

After five sessions, he came to experience a level of happiness and contentment he hadn’t felt before and, with support and encouragement, he started to excel in work. Tony was now free from the chains that had been holding him back, he developed a self belief and a self awareness that was new to him and very fulfilling. He began to excel in work and this was noted by his managers, soon he was offered a promotion and now regularly shares his ideas and chairs meetings.

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Susan was looking for fulfilment. She knew she was missing something in her life but didn’t know quite what that was. Her life was full, she had plenty of meaningful relationships, she had her health and her family and she knew she “should” be happy, but she wasn’t. She felt guilty for this and she regularly berated herself mentally for not being more appreciative.

One session was all she needed to re-connect to herself and as she said, she felt a wonderful sense of awareness and energy. From this place she was able to feel gratitude and happiness that had eluded her before.

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Linda was dealing with the breakup of a relationship. She knew that it wasn’t the right relationship for her but she was trapped in the emotions of fear of not finding another partner, doubt whether separating was the right decision and anger that her relationship it hadn’t worked out.

We worked together over the course of two months and now she’s released the past, knows what she wants in a relationship and is enjoying the process of finding it.

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FAQ: How many sessions will I need?
We are all individuals with unique issues so the number of sessions required will vary based on the area you want to work on. I have clients who come weekly for 4 weeks, others who come every 3 weeks and some who come monthly and have been with me for over two years.

Whatever your issue, be it emotional, mental or physical, we will come up with a plan that works for you. As I’m sure you’re aware, there is no quick fix, no magic pill, so it may take a couple of sessions before you notice a big change. Please be patient with this as conditions that have taken years to manifest or patterns you’ve been employing for a long time may not change over night.

What I expect from my clients is that they are ready, willing and eager for change. I, for my part, will walk with you providing support and encouragement on the way. Some people do have overnight transformations but they are the exception rather than the norm, so please be patient with yourself and with the process – you won’t be disappointed.