Starting Sunday 26th Feb, 10am to 5pm

Join Roseleen and Ellie on this experiential journey of Conscious Awakening.

Conscious awakening is grounded in connecting you to your deep roots so you can heal the past, awaken to the present moment and rise strong from within as you learn how to navigate your unique path and the ever changing cycles of life.  It’s about creating change from the inside out so you can feel more empowered, more present, and more open to creating an intentional life.

It’s about learning how we can bring the sacred into so called ‘ordinary life’, that it is truly in these moments that we are communing with spirit and our soul – not just when we sit on the mat or meditate. It’s about taking the theory & experience you may already have and bringing it into embodiment.

Creating an intentional life is only half complete if we focus only on the ‘light’. How can we invite in wholeness when we turn our back to the ‘darkness’ which is already within and without. We invite you to be open to exploring your fears around ‘shadow work’ and will guide you to transmute and reclaim the parts of you that are hidden within. Let’s get as comfortable with our fears as we are with our light aspects so we can learn to discover the gifts that are hidden in our challenges.

We hope the course will help you to arrive at your own truth – strengthening your inner teacher and internal compass with us as your guides.

This is a journey of healing, understanding and self-responsibility that invites you to commit to yourself, your healing, your soul and take some time each day to connect within – this will be done through meditations, rituals / ceremony, healing work, mindfulness, journal prompts and at home exercises to take you deeper into the teachings of each day.

The course creates a solid foundation upon which you can build and apply to different aspects of your life long after the course is over. Each day follows the other yet they can be taken individually or collectively.

Over the course of the 4 days we will start with Awakening & Awareness (Feb 26th) where we will discover the path to our soul and once awoken we will be called to Transform (April 2nd) all we have learnt and Integrate it (May 28th) so that we can Embody our True Self (June 17th).

This course is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a new way (your way) to navigate your life
  • You’re looking to go deeper into that which you already know
  • You feel there is a separation between that which you ‘know’ and ‘embodiment’
  • You’ve been attending courses, reading books but feel stuck
  • You’re on a spiritual journey but are feeling stuck with where you are or feel you are going in circles.
  • You’ve been on this path for some time but aren’t quite sure how to bring it into your everyday life. Your spirituality is in effect, a separate thing to your everyday living.
  • You thought that the spiritual path should always be ‘easy’, that once ‘awakened’ everything would change
  • You are finding it hard to integrate your healing
  • You are getting stuck in the transformation e.g. your fear wins, you don’t know how to move through it
  • You are looking to learn how to find the answer within yourself so you can be empowered

We go through our lives hoping & wishing for things to change. Praying for something to happen to stir things up and we wait and wait and wait…..sometimes those changes do happen but more often than not we’re still waiting and waiting and waiting.

Discovering and connecting to your spiritual path consciously wakes you up to the realisation that you are the one that has the power to make those changes happen. And once you do, once you change on the inside, well then the outside has to change. This is empowering, transformative and brings about so much magic you will wonder why you didn’t do it before now!

During these 4 x 1 day workshops we will be guiding you to find your spiritual path, teaching you how to navigate it, how to get unstuck when the sh1t does hit the fan (and it will!), what to expect, and so much more. This will give you an invaluable toolkit for the rest of your life as you cycle again and again through the stages that we will teach you about.

These workshops can be taken as standalone or as a series. If you take it as a series we will be giving you exercises to be doing in between (approximately 6 week apart) to enhance and further your connection and understanding. In so doing these classes will bring you on a journey back to yourself.


We recommend for maximum benefit attending all 4 classes as one leads to the other. However if one or more class is particularly calling you then you are welcome to attend them on an individual basis

4 Classes €450 deposit of €200 to secure your place

€130 per workshop deposit €75 to secure your place

Dates: Awakening & Awareness: Sunday 26th February 2017 10-5pm
Transformation & Navigation: Sunday 2nd April 2017 10-5pm
Integration: Sunday 28th May 2017 10-5pm
Embodying the Light: Saturday 17th June 2017 10-5pm

Spaces are limited so book early to join us on this journey or