I first read about creating Reiki balls from a newsletter that I received from mindful matters ( and they have very kindly given me permission to pass it onto you. I hope you enjoy creating Reiki balls as much as I did!

Creating balls of energy

Playing with energy first will help you be sensitive to it and then use it to benefit yourself and your clients. Have fun first and then let your imagination run wild as you come up with other methods, similar to the ones that follow, to benefit yourself and your clients. 

Hold your hands up comfortably in front of you so that your palms face each other, ensuring there’s at least twelve inches of distance between them. 

Keep your fingers as straight as you can, with no gaps between them. Relax your eyes. Staring intently will only make this difficult.

· Very slowly and smoothly move your hands towards each other. You need to go slowly or you won’t be able to feel anything.

· Remember breathe easily and gently and stay relaxed so that you can focus on your hands.

· At some point, before your hands touch, you should feel something. Your hands could start to feel very hot or they may feel tingly. It might seem as if something is tickling your palms, like a butterfly delicately brushing its wings against your skin. 

For others, it will be a stronger sensation of pressure, as if there is a ball of cotton between your hands or a small balloon.

 · Try to visualize a ball of energy between your hands. Simply pretend that there is one. You can see a white ball, like a sun that is very hot. Don’t worry if you can’t actually see it – just imagine it being there. In reality, it is! The visualizing will help you actually see it.

· Move your hands a little further apart now and see if you still feel the energy, although it’s finer and lighter? Keep moving them apart. When can you no longer feel a pull?

· Now repeat the exercise but this time while cupping your hands slightly and still keeping the sides of your fingers touching to avoid gaps. Once you have experimented with feeling your own energy, you may begin to actually see it.

This may be more difficult for some but with constant experimenting, you will be able to develop this skill. If you have tried to see auras, you may be able to pick up this ability quickly. Or, you may find that by being able to see the energy ball, you start to easily see auras. 

To help you with this, hold your hands in front of a dark surface and have a bright light shining from behind you. Then practice the same exercise again. Can you see anything happening between your two hands? If you can’t, then try using just one finger of each hand and move them back and

forth towards each other. 

Can you see a stream of light or what appears to be a web or strands going from finger to finger? Don’t get frustrated if you can’t see or feel anything initially. 

Practice this whenever you can and you will soon start to see results. Once you create an energy ball you can begin to use it for healing, as per the below.

Healing balls of energy

Creating and sending balls of energy to our Chakras is an excellent way of ensuring that they are balanced and energized.

· Set an intention to create an energy ball.

· First, keep your fingers together, palms slightly cupped.

· Look at your palms with attention and then turn the palms to face each other, keeping them a few centimetres apart, as you did in the other exercise.

· Move your hands slowly in a circular movement clockwise five or six times.

· Reverse the direction, making anti-clockwise movements, five or six times.

· Stop the movements, holding your hands still, palms facing each other.

Often by this stage you will feel tingling, warmth, a weight or a pushing-pulling or

‘sponge’ sensation in your palms.

· Without allowing your palms to meet, slowly bring them close to each other and you will usually feel a resistance, pressure or a magnetic repelling sensation. This is a Ki energy ball that you have created from your energy body.

· Ask Reiki to flow and see the energy filling the ball that you have created.

· Now allow your palms to turn upward so that the palms are directly facing you and as though holding something. Mentally request the energy ball assist a chakra. As anexample:
“Go to my back heart chakra and open and heal it.”
· Then visualize the ball leaving your hands and entering the chakra. As noted before, you may actually see the ball moving away.

· See if you can sense the ball entering the chakra or the area that you have chosen.

· Now slowly allow your palms to return to their original position, facing each other 5 – 10 centimeters apart.

Slowly bring them close and draw them apart a few times. What do you notice? The sensation you had before is now no longer there as you have sent the energy to your Chakra.

You may also feel a warmth / tingling / pressure in your upper middle back where the back Heart Chakra is or in the area that you sent the ball to.
You may send as many Ki Energy Balls to yourself a day as you like because you are recycling your own energies within yourself, using Reiki and not being depleting your energy field in any way. See how you feel after using the energy ball.
You can also follow this process to place healing energy balls in the chakras of the client or in any part of their body where there is an issue.

So I hope you enjoy creating and using Reiki balls.

In love, light and laughter