February 26, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

A series of 4 x 1 day workshops that you can take as a unit or as standalone. If you’re looking to make a change in your life then there is a part of you that is ready to awaken. To wake up to a different way of being or belief. While we all have many of these moments in our life, we often get stuck, not sure how to really integrate that into all or any area of our lives.

Over the course of these 4 workshops we will show you how to navigate the path from awakening (ie you want something to change, have a light bulb moment or have an awareness that you want something different but don’t quite know what that means or what it looks like)  through transformation ( Sunday 2nd April) into Integration (Sunday 28th May) and finally Celebration: embodying the Light (Saturday 17th June)

We have many of these moments throughout our lives so our intention is to teach you how to navigate the different stages easily and with grace so that by the end you will have a roadmap so to speak of what to do and how to invite more awakenings into your life.

Are you?

  • You’re looking for a new way (your way) to live your life
  • You’re looking to go deeper into that which you already know
  • You feel there is a separation between that which you ‘know’ and ‘embodiment’
  • You’ve been attending courses, reading books but feel stuck
  • You’re on a spiritual journey but are feeling stuck with where you are or feel you are going in circles.
  • You’ve been on this path for some time but aren’t quite sure how to bring it into your everyday life. Your spirituality is in effect, a separate thing to your everyday living.
  • You thought that the spiritual path should always be ‘easy’, that once ‘awakened’ everything would change  
  • You are finding it hard to integrate your healing
  • You are getting stuck in the transformation e.g. your fear wins, you don’t know how to move through it
  • You are looking to learn how to find the answer within yourself so you can be empowered

Full details of what this course can offer you can be found here:

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