What kinesiology can do for you:

  • Improve self esteem and self confidence
  • Structural – Pain relief and posture re-alignment.
  • Allergy testing – click here for more details.
  • Help you to achieve your goals – in all areas of your life, from career, relationships, earning more money, etc
  • Break limiting patterns that may be holding you back – if you find yourself in the same situation or relationship over and over again or if life isn’t working out the way that you want it to, then chances are that you’ve a limiting pattern or limiting belief. Using kinesiology we can break these so that you’re free to choose another more empowering pattern. Patterns such as “I’m no good”, “I’ll never be good enough”, “Life is hard”, “nothing ever goes my way” etc can be eliminated using kinesiology.
  • Creating what you want in your life
  • Depression .
  • Emotional distress – for example: accident traumas, past traumas, separation, divorce, etc.
  • Freedom from stuck emotions such as stress, anger, anxiety, resentment, jealousy, worry, etc.
  • Pain (old and new)
  • Physical conditions – for e.g IBS, panic attacks, phobias, headaches, migraines.
  • Stress management

Any many other areas. If you would like more information or to know if Kinesiology can help you, please feel free to contact me at 086 682 4401 or ellie@xhale.ie

When I went for my first Kinesiology session with Ellen, I really didn’t know what to expect as it was not a therapy I was very familiar with.  I was amazed as to how in tune she was to what my body and mind – both mentally and emotionally – needed.  Ellen was able to get to the root cause of negative thoughts I had been carrying around for years and turn them into positive ones.  I left feeling on top of the world and very optimistic about the future.  Thanks a mill Ellen!” Adrienne, Dublin

What is kinesiology
As a Kinesiologist I look for imbalances in the body and ways address those imbalances by using muscle testing and correcting these with a range of techniques, from stress relief to massaging acupuncture points to food sensitivities.

In Complementary therapy, we believe that at the core of all physical illnesses is a negative emotion or negative experience. While Kinesiology doesn’t go into re-traumatising the person by getting them to re-live the experience (whether they’re aware of it or not), rather it’s about helping the body and the mind release past experiences that may be holding you back from creating your ideal, stress free life.

Kinesiology can be used for anything and everything as it’s asking the body, your body how we can help it to heal. It’s a profound therapy that can tell us so much, if you’ve ever experienced it I’m sure that you’ll agree.

What happens at a kinesiology “balance”
A kinesiology session is called a “balance”. A balance lasts approximately an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. Clients remain fully clothed throughout.

A full case history is taken as well as what you would like from the balance.

Through muscle testing we will then assess what your body needs to re-address the imbalance as well as the number of sessions needed to do so.

For example, I had a client, Mary (please note the name has been changed). She wanted to meet someone special. As she gave me her history it became apparent to me that she felt that she didn’t deserve love. She was unaware that she was carrying this limiting belief, when I pointed it out to her, it made total sense. “Of course, I totally believe that!” She saw how, by having this belief, she had chosen men in the past that she knew would reject her, thus backing up her own belief. It was a vicious circle.

She wasn’t aware of how she had come to believe this as her parents had a fabulous marriage and she always received lots of love from her family. Really it didn’t matter where she got it from; all that was important was that she was now ready to change it.

We started with the goal “I deserve love and am ready to be in a healthy and happy relationship”, initially the body or the mind did not believe this statement, but over a course of sessions we addressed it until she was in a place where she 100% believed this statement.

Two months on and Mary is in a very happy relationship.

While I’m not saying that kinesiology is a dating service or that it will make you find your soul mate, no. What this example shows is how powerful our beliefs are. They are the very core of our being as our beliefs shape our behaviour and our thinking. Change your beliefs and you can change your life.

Testimonials for kinesiology:

“Just a note to say thank you so much for your invaluable sessions over the past month. I found the entire experience very insightful and such a positive one! You have an amazing ability to tune into my thoughts and emotions. I didn’t realise the significance of the link between my emotional state and my physical body!
I am sold on Kinesiology and I am sure it will lead me to being a whole and happy human being! I am looking forward to my experiences along the way!s” Elaine, Portmarnock

“Just a little note to say thank you so much for the kinesiology sessions. We covered so much from negative emotions to food intolerances in just a few hours! I really feel like I’ve had a ‘spring clean’ both emotionally and physically. When I first came to you I was feeling quite stressed out but the whole experience has made more relaxed and able to tackle the world. You really have a gift. I would recommend you to anyone.”
Blaithin, Killiney.