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I was delighted to recently be featured in Womans Way with an article on “10 easy ways to bring Mindfulness into your life”, you can read the full article here.

Positive living:

Reiki & Meditation:


Dublin south fm – Click here to listen


The following articles have recently been published in a range of magazines and publications.

Irish Tatler – The life You want

Click here to read this article

Irish daily mail – kick it with kinesiology

Click here to read this article.

Irish Tatler – simple ways to feng shui your relationship

Click here to read this article.

Irish Tatler – Time for a change?

Life coaching tried and tested. click here to read the article.

Evening Herald – The bite-sized way of getting what you want

click here to read the article.

Tom Dunne – Newstalk fm

As featured on the Tom Dunne morning show – 10 effective ways to get yourself out of a rut. 
Click here to read this article.

Evening Herald – Why are we addicted to self-help bestsellers?

Click here to download.

5 simple ways to have a work/life balance.

We’re all looking for it, it’s the buzz word of the last few years – work / life balance.

Follow these are 5 simple ways to help you do just that. Click here to read more.

8 things you should NEVER do in an interview.

Click here to read more.

How saying “no” can be a good thing!

Fiona Ellis, a jourmalist with has written an interesting article on how you can say “no” more easily. She asked me to contribute to it. To read this article please: CLICK HERE

Other articles, click on the title to read:

Evening herald March 2008 – “Ask the expert” – Work/life balance.

Evening herald 22nd April 2008 – “Ask the expert” – Will my life be over if I have a baby?

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