A lot of my students ask what’s the best way to prepare themselves to give Reiki. So I thought that I’d share with you how I prepare before I give a Reiki treatment, whether its for a friend, family member or client.

Please feel free to use all, part or nothing of this routine depending on what’s right for you.

Preparing to give Reiki

1) Prepare the room. Switch on heating, music, have candles burning and/or incense. Make sure the plinth is ready and the room is warm and comfortable. I’ll also have water ready for both myself and the client.

2) Decide on and draw 3 symbols into each corner of the room.

3) Call on Archangel Michael to protect the room and the building that I’m in so that nothing of any harm can penetrate it.

4) Call on any other angels that you’d like to work with. For example, Archangel Raphael and Gabriel.

5) Meditate – for approximately 20 minutes. Relax and centre yourself. I’ll either sit silently for this time to calm my mind and thoughts or I’ll listen to a guided meditation if I have time.

6) Ground myself.

7) Read through the Calling In. (I’ve attached a copy to the end of this post if you’ve never heard of this before. It’s a wonderful invocation to all those involved with Reiki to help with the clearing and healing)

8) Call on the higher selves and angels of everyone that I’m going to work with that day, so that the healing they receive is for their highest good.

9) Send Reiki ahead to my day and to anyone who is in need.

10) Finish

All in all this routine of mine takes approximately 30 minutes but that does include 20 minutes of meditating. If you don’t have the time you could cut out the meditation part and all the other steps in combination should take about 10 minutes.



Calling In:

Find a comfortable position, settle back and relax your body. Put your emotions aside. Quiet your mind. Move back into the silence of your being.

I call upon the Tibetan Masters.

I call upon all who have done Reiki before me, and all who will come after me.

I call upon Dr.Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Sai Babb.

I invite and call in the Core, the essence of the healing ray from Father Mother God and the ancient ones, who initiated and taught Dr. Usui.

I call upon the angelic forces… Michael, Gabriel…

I call upon the Great White Brotherhood…..Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed.

I call upon the Saints, Mary, Joseph, Theresa, Lucy and Brigid.

I call upon all good and enlightened souls who are working for the new Aquarian Age: Catherine Coleman, Edgar Cayce, Thomas Eddison and Joseph Campbell.

I summon the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

I summon the four winds,

The dazzling wind of the East.

The fiery wind of the South.

The buoyant wind of the West.

The blustery wind of the North.

I call upon the energies of Mother Earth herself.

Her great heart, her sacred mountains and her deep blue oceans.

I summon the sun, the moon and the planets.

I call all my relations,

The standing ones…Birch, Oak and Pine.

The winged ones…..Eagle, Hawk and Raven

The four legged……Horse, Bear and Tiger.

The six legged……..Grasshopper, cricket and butterfly

The eight legged … .Spider.

I call upon the Whale, Dolphin and Porpoise.

I call those close to Mother Earth,

The dreamtime of the Lizard.

The magical healing qualities of the snake,

The turtle which honors Mother Earth.

The creative source which is within us all.

I call the great truth and laws from the Godhead… Healing, Love, Mercy, Hope, Joy, Abundance and Charity.

All whom I have summoned and who wish to assist with this healing, please be here and present now.