I know not everyone is into Angels and they certainly weren’t for me when I first delved into the world of energy. Jaysus, to feel energy was enough to blow my mind for the first year or so let alone be tuned into higher beings! It’s funny though isn’t it, how something that you think is not for you at all, turns out to be totally you and an incredibly wonderful addition to your life. This was a total surprise to me. If you’ve ever met me you’ll know that I’m quite practical and left brained so this wasn’t what I expected.

Below I’ve attached what I used to open myself up to working with angels, and the results were incredible. Clients remarked how much deeper the energy and healing seemed to go and a few asked me how I could work on both their head and feet at the same time! Of course this wasn’t me but I didn’t want to freak people out by telling them there was higher beings in the room helping me to work on them!

I got this from mindful matters (www.mindfulmatters.ca), who kindly have let me share this. It’s very powerful and is a very structured and easy way (which I like!) to introduce Reiki into your practise.

Click here to download the instructions.

I do hope you enjoy as much as I did.