I was very excited to be ask to contribute to Irish tatler for their September issue which is on sale now. In it I give practical and simple tips on how to “feng shui” your relationship.

It’s a funny story how this came about. I was recommended a book on feng shui and spent two days totally re-arranging my apt. There is a feng shui corner called “helpful people” and in it I put a copy of tatler along with the wish that I’d be in it again. The very next day I got an email from them asking me to contribute to an article on “how to feng shui your relationship.” I nearly fell off my chair!
The book is called “Move your stuff, change your life” by Karen Carter and I’d highly recommend it. (here is a link to it if you wish to buy it through amazon:
In the 8 months since I’ve moved in to my apt, I’ve changed it approximately 100 times! Every time my flat mate came home she laughed as she saw yet another arrangement. A chair would be moved, or the couch would be at the other side of the room. Pictures moved, pillows alternated, lights on and off. I knew that there was something that just wasn’t sitting right with me. No matter what I did it didn’t feel right.
Since I’ve feng shui’ed it I havent changed it once. And that was over a month ago.
The sitting room was at the brunt of my fettish for re-alignment. It wasn’t until I read the book that I realised what was wrong with it. We have a big fireplace in the centre of the room, on it were candles, above it was a picture (red) and in front of it was a red rug. This was all wrong in feng shui terms.
A fireplace represents the element fire, red represents fire, as do candles and a red rug. There was so much fire going on in this room that I’m surprised we could sit in it at all!
Now I’ve moved all the aforementioned fire items (except the fireplace) and balanced the energies out with metal – grey, white, a mirror above the fireplace and the candles have gone completely.
The energy of my apt is now calm, happy and upbeat and that is being reflected in every area of my life.
Amazing things are happening and I’m feeling very balanced, happier and more content.
So how do you feng shui your apt?
Here are some basic tips from the book.
Attached is the Feng shui “bagua”. This is one of the most basic and fundamental tools for Feng shui. There are 8 main “gua’s” to the bagua each representing an area of your life on the outside and 1 in the centre, ie a total of 9 areas of your life that correspond to different areas of your living space.
You use this as a floor plan over the space that you want to feng shui. For example if you’re using is in your apt then the main door opens up to Career section of your home, then the prosperity section would be the far left hand corner, love the far right and so on.
Once you have your map sorted and know which room corresponds to which gua, then you can start feng shui’ing! Here are some simple tips for each area (for a more comprehensive explanation I would recommend getting the book or hiring an expert)
The attached bagua gives you all the colours that you can gave in each section. These dont have to be displayed on every wall, something thats hidden in a box or in a drawer will still also contribute to the chi of the living space.
Wealth & Prosperity – Anything that symbolises money, wealth, abundance and flow. A money plant, your spare change, a picture of a wealthy person.
Fame & reputation – A fire element. Here’s where I’ve moved all my red stuff to. Think fire, so candles, wood, etc. Place pictures of people you admire here.
Love & relationships – thing pink and fluffy and put everything in pairs. Two candles, 2 rose quartz crystals, 2 bars of soap (if this gua is in your bathroom)
Children & creativity – Television, childrens games, creative stuff, hobbies and crafts. All these things work great in this gua.
Travel & helpful people – Places you want to go to or places that you’ve been that you’ve enjoyed. People you want to attract into your life to help you. Angels and buddhas work very well in this area. Magazines you’d like to be in (tatler for me!), etc.
Career – Mirrors, symbols of the life path that you want to be on.
Knowledge & wisdom – Books, things that remind you of wisdom. Meditation items, altars of thanksgiving. Symbols of the skills and knowledge you want to have.
Family & physical health – wood, green stuff, plants (help to nurture and grow your family), water, pictures of family.
Spiritual health & wellbeing – items made from the earth, earth tones, religious objects, fire, stars and sun.
Use Reiki then to power your feng shui. You can draw any symbols you’re drawn to over the bagua and send reiki to it if you’re level 2 or simply send energy to it if you’re level 1. This will aid in the manifestation of all your dreams and desires and create beautiful healing energy at home.

Love, light and laughter


Reiki Master & Teacher, Life Coach, Kinesiologist