Reiki Shares are held every month, for all levels of Reiki Students. They are held in Blackrock Village and they last approximately 2.5. They are a wonderful opportunity to connect with like minded people, practise Reiki and receive healing.

A Reiki Share is for all levels and all lineages of Reiki. If you are Level 1, 2 or 3 and have not trained with myself, but would still like to participate in a Reiki Share you are very welcome. All I ask is that you bring with you a readiness to smile and a passion for Reiki.

Please, don’t worry if you haven’t practised in a while, you’re always very welcome! 🙂

Next Reiki share: 

The next Reiki share will be held on Saturday 27th May. The guided meditation will be deigned to complement the time of year that we are in, we will also practise Reiki treatments and practise distant healing.

Date: Saturday 27th May 2:30 to 5pm
Venue: 7 Carysfort Ave (2nd floor, above GSM in Blackrock village) – directions available here
Cost: €25 per person. You can book your place via paypal here:

Limited places are available

People often say they feel very relaxed, calm, grounded and centered after a share. Its also a great way to meet some like minded people and an opportunity to keep in touch with Reiki.