I have been trained in and practise a number of healing modalities. During a session, you will receive a blend of all of these modalities that together, heal the issues in your tissues allowing you to free yourself from unwanted emotions, negative beliefs and even physical manifestations.

How healing can improve your life.

Healing can be used for many things:

  • For stress relief.
  • To clear your head.
  • For deep relaxation.
  • To release the past.
  • To heal your body physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • To balance your chakras.
  • Develop a positive outlook.
  • Reduce negative thinking.
  • Increase energy.
  • Treat and prevent ill health.

In complementary therapy we look to address the core of a problem and provide healing at this point. We don’t look at symptoms to diagnose, we believe that if we can get to the core of the problem and address the imbalance then the body can heal itself. At this point it is important to re-iterate that the blend of healing that I do (Reiki, Seichem, Sakara, Magnified Healing) is a complimentary therapy rather than an alternative one. It works very well in combination with the medical model.

Our thoughts create our emotions, and emotions have a movement to them (e-motion). According to scientists, every day we have over 60,000 thoughts! Imagine that’s 2,500 thoughts per hour, and nearly 42 thoughts per minute.

80% of those habitual thoughts are negative.

That’s 48,000 negative thoughts per day.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

“When you change your thoughts, you change your world.”

Healing helps you to do just that.

The body has an incredible ability to heal itself. We have proof of this every day when we see old scars disappearing, wounds clearing up, etc. So if our body can heal on a physical level then it can also heal on a mental and emotional level.

However this is not to say that healing is a miraculous cure. Diseases that have taken years to manifest in the physical body will not be cured overnight. In the same way negative thinking may not be cured overnight.

For best results, a series of sessions as well as some life style changes will also be required. We are all responsible for our own healing and healing will not do that for you, there may be some small changes that will need to be made in your life to support this healing. If for example, you live a stressful life then we would also look at how you can handle this better, what changes you can make, so that you don’t end up stressed out again!

I’ve personally seen some incredible transformations. Many people say that they feel more alive, have more energy and things that used to bother them are no longer on their mind after a session of Reiki.


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