“Ellen, thank you for an amazing weekend and indeed a life changing one !!. I can not commend your abilities enough I learned so much during the weekend in a relaxed atmosphere. You provided a very safe learning enviroment for me. The balance between professional and relaxed was beautiful. I would recommend anyone interested in Reiki to try your workshop. Your ability to put people at ease and provide such a relaxed and caring atmosphere truely is a gift.” Aoife, Dublin

“On both a personal and professional level Ellie Shilling gives 110% to her clients. I felt she genuinely participated in the sessions and by extension, in my life. She will probably never know how important a part she played for me at a very demanding time, and I can’t imagine a better or more understanding facilitator for real and lasting change. Can’t recommend Ellie’s work highly enough. With real insight and a lot of gentle patience, she brings a huge arsenal of talents and skills to bear on whatever work needs to be done. She truely is an inspiration to me and her positive approach and ready smile are a breath of fresh air amidst the prevailing atmosphere of recessional gloom! ” Bernie, Dublin

“Having read quite a bit on complimentary therapies over the years I was very keen to try Reiki out. I am so happy that I chose Ellie. She listened carefully and answered all the questions that I had. She is a very skilled and knowledgeable Reiki healer with a gentle, friendly and easygoing manner. Ellie exudes warmth, positivity and enthusiasm; I would recommend her without hesitation to friends, family or anyone keen to either learn more about or just try Reiki.” Conor, Dublin

“Life coaching was probably the most life changing experience of my life. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Its been nearly 3 years since I had my sessions and I still use most of the techniques I was given. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” Bettina, Dublin.

“Ellen has given me the ability to focus on the things that are most important and positive for me and to work out what I want out of life. Her advice and guidance has been invaluable and I have really enjoyed my time with her. I now feel much clearer and content within myself and have the confidence to move forward with both my career and my personal life. Thanks again Ellie! KF, Dublin

“TAT was an amazing experience for me. It peeled back layers that helped me process different things in order to heal them. the insight I got was an eye opener, and I had many a light bulb moment. As always Ellie is so skilled at making you feel relaxed, and everything happens in your own time. I would highly recommend TAT for people who want to heal thenselves and rid them selves of issues that no longer help them.”Sharon, Dublin.

“When I went for my first Kinesiology session with Ellen, I really didn’t know what to expect as it was not a therapy I was very familiar with. I was amazed as to how in tune she was to what my body and mind – both mentally and emotionally – needed. Ellen was able to get to the root cause of negative thoughts I had been carrying around for years and turn them into positive ones. I left feeling on top of the world and very optimistic about the future. Thanks a mill Ellen!” Adrienne, Dublin

“Just a note to say thank you so much for your invaluable sessions over the past month. I found the entire experience very insightful and such a positive one! You have an amazing ability to tune into my thoughts and emotions. I didn’t realise the significance of the link between my emotional state and my physical body! I am sold on Kinesiology and I am sure it will lead me to being a whole and happy human being! I am looking forward to my experiences along the way!” Elaine, Portmarnock

“Just a little note to say thank you so much for the kinesiology sessions. We covered so much from negative emotions to food intolerances in just a few hours! I really feel like I’ve had a ‘spring clean’ both emotionally and physically. When I first came to you I was feeling quite stressed out but the whole experience has made more relaxed and able to tackle the world. You really have a gift. I would recommend you to anyone.” Blaithin, Killiney.

” I am in love with Reiki and don’t go a day without using it. It has really enriched my life as good as it was it has just added a lovely peacefulness to it:) I am so happy. You have been a wonderful guide through Reiki 1, your personal interests added a lot of unique learning and appreciation to the course for me; in particular you have encouraged me to develop my interest and to feel fully confident in delivering a lovely healing treatment to friends and family. Thanks for all your guidance Ellie,” Laura, Dublin

“Thank you so so much for this weekend (Reiki Level 1), I can’t tell you how good I feel after it, privileged and enlightened. You’re an inspiration, and also a credit to yourself in how you’ve turned your own life around, and now helping others 😀 You ran the course so well, professional yet personable, creating the right atmosphere and encouraging everyone to engage and share experiences. Well done and thanks again.” Gail, Kildare

“I came across Ellie purely by an act of fate…at a time in my life when I needed to experience the healing energy of reiki the most. Ellie was comforting and down to earth from the offset. My personal experience of having a reiki session with Ellie is experiencing a deep calmness that is truly enlightening. Each person is unique and will experience it in their own authentic way, though they will know deep in their soul that they have been touched by this beautiful ray of light, that seems to make everything better and brighter, which is a blessing in this complex world…Ellie has a natural gift, empathy and compassion that makes you feel understood from the moment that you meet her….Thanks Ellie for all your encouragement, kindess, advice and support, I have never looked back!! ” Rebekkah x

“Hi Ellie, just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you so much for the weekend,i really enjoyed the whole experience, especially being able to give a treatment and see the results after it.. i loved your way of teaching it was very relaxed and easy to follow, you made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and made the weekend very special for me.” Thank you, Love Olivia xx

“Dear Ellen. Thanks for Tuesday’s session, which must have been a bit unorthodox – as we laughed so much, I really found it useful. Truly you’re a tonic for the soul, I’m going to send you an Alice Hoffman book when I can locate the one that I’m thinking of, I think you will enjoy it.” Elizabeth, Dublin.

“Hi Ellie, Just a quick note to say thank you for the reiki level one course. The course was not only incredibly informative and clear, but also refreshing and fun! The atmosphere was really positive and I felt completely at ease when asking questions and sharing any insights. Thanks again and best wishes!” Persia.

“Hi Ellie,Just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say thank you so much for a lovely weekend. I really enjoyed the training. I look forward to seeing you and the others in a few weeks.” Emma, Dublin.

“Ellie is a wonderful teacher and an amazing listener and I would never ever go to any other practitioner. She’s Brilliant. Reiki is such a wonderful experience, nothing else makes me feel so relaxed and so at ease. While others go for massage’s, I always want Reiki. Its heaven.” Anon Dublin

“Learning Reiki was the best decision I’ve ever made. its brought so many other things into my life and helped me find the path I’m meant to be on. Thank you so much Ellie for bringing it into my life.” Bettina, Dublin.

“Ellie is a wonderful, professional and very helpful person. Very approachable and a wonderful listener, I am so glad that I met up with her and that she has introduced me to Reiki. This has truly changed my way of thinking and living. Every challenge brings a new revelation and I would highly recommend anyone to take that first step and approach Ellie.” Derek, Dublin.

“I just wanted to say thanks a million for a brilliant weekend. It was really great. I had a great sleep last night. I’d nearly forgotten in the month since my last treatment how good reiki makes me feel !!!” Olga, Dublin

“Ellie, I am so thankful to you for the healing, teaching and the friendship that you have given me. It was only a few short months ago that I became interested in Reiki and since that time my life has changed dramatically in wonderful and exciting ways. I have been initiated into Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 and since my attunements; I have experienced a total feeling of calmness and serenity.Ellie you are a wonderful Reiki practitioner and Master.” Finola, Dublin.

“The session began with a very clear explanation of what reiki is and what the next 45 to 60 minutes would entail. As sunlight flooded theroom and I lay listening to the soothing background music, I began to see a kaleidoscope of vivid colours through my closed eyes as Ellie slowly moved over the various chakras in the body. She accurately pinpointed areas of low energy and recommended ways of bringing the energy back up. I felt thoroughly renewed afterwards. Reiki is definitely for me and I recommend a session with Ellie 100%.” Deirdre, Dublin.

“My first Reiki session with Ellie was a wonderful experience. I arrived in a state of stress, as I had been held up at work, but Ellie allowed me time to relax, unwind and cool down before our session began. She began by slowing down my breathing and expanding my chest cavity, and a wave of calmness came over me. As Ellie began to work on my body, I lost all track of time and reality and drifted into my own world. The cleansing energy was so strong that from time to time when Ellie worked on problematic parts of the body, I actually experienced energising jolts of release! “

“Ellie made me feel competely at ease from the start and was very professional. Afterwards, she accurately pointed out some areas, physically and emotionally which needed attention and was able to advise me how to improve on these. I left feeling lighter and refreshed and as I walked home I noticed that an ongoing sinus problem and painful knee had all but subsided. Mentally I felt more positive, refreshed and alert. I can’t help but wonder why everyone doesn’t undergo Reiki sessions regularly, because if we all did the world would be a better place!” Elizabeth, Dublin

“Being initiated in Reiki level one was a wonderful experience. Ellie made sure it was at our pace, every aspect was explained and I felt free at any time to ask questions and discuss how I was feeling. Ellie has since been available to ask for guidance and share in my wonderful journey of Reiki so far. I cant wait to do Reiki level 2 and would not consider having anyone else initiate me, thats how peaceful, comfortable and amazing an experience Ellie made it.” Sharon, Wexford

“Ellie is a wonderful and enthusiastic Reiki practitioner and teacher. When I go to Ellie for a Reiki session I feel a cocoon of protection and healing energy all around my body. Before a Reiki session with Ellie, my mind is usually racing. Thought after thought, after thought going through my head non-stop. During the Reiki session my mind becomes still and relaxed. So relaxed in fact that I’ve fallen asleep! At the end of the session I feel like a totally different person to the one who walked in an hour before. Channelled through Ellie, the Reiki energy releases blocks in the energy flowing in my body. I feel ‘lighter’ and less burdened down by life. I see myself in a whole new light. I am stress free, optimistic and at peace with myself.” Edel, Kildare

“Reiki gave me the tools i needed to move forward and has opened up a whole new world to me. For that I will be forever greatful. Thank you Ellie!!” Louise, Dublin

“The tools I have learned through Reiki have been amazing – they help me gain balance and clarity on a daily basis by putting the tools into practise. Reiki has been an enormous benefit to me not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. Ellie has a beautiful, effortless, non judgemental way of teaching. She leads you to the water, how much you drink is up to you! Thanks Ellie for all your help, wisdom and guidance.” Anne Marie (Dublin)

“I underwent a course of 5 TAT sessions with Ellen, not knowing what to expect or even if I had anything significant to work on. However with guidance from Ellen, I went through the steps of TAT while stimulating pressure points, and to my surprise a host of thoughts of memories surfaced from my sub conscious which we worked through together step my step. Acknowledging and confronting these issues through TAT allowed me to clear myself of any associated negative feelings . I benefited by regaining a positive attitude and a new sense of motivation. I now feel I can more easily achieve my life goals without burdening myself with unnecessary obstacles!” Elizabeth, Dublin.

“TAT was an amazing experience for me. It peeled back layers that helped me process different things in order to heal them. the insight I got was an eye opener, and I had many a light bulb moment.As always Ellie is so skilled at making you feel relaxed, and everything happens in your own time. I would highly recommend TAT for people who want to heal thenselves and rid them selves of issues that no longer help them.” Sharon, Dublin.