In complementary therapy, we’re always looking for the root cause of a physical illness. While the GP & medicine tends to the symptoms, I’m always asking the question – what’s behind this? What happened with the person physically, mentally and emotionally that their body manifested this condition? And this is for any condition, from insomnia, to aches, pains, cancer, sore backs, knee problems, IBS, migraines, whatever it is the body is trying to tell us something.

And that’s normally because the stress pot has overloaded!

I came up with the idea of the stress pot a few years ago as I think it explains how suddenly you can become sick after years of being fine. How the body can deal with so so much when one day it decides that enough is enough.

What is the stress pot?

We hold a record of everything thats ever happened to ourselves in every cell in our body. Every emotion that we’ve ever had, every experience, every time someone told us not to cry, not to get angry, not to talk about things, we held that energy in and added it to our stress pot. So that over time the level of stress or “gunk” in the pot gets higher and higher until one day it spills over and we get ill. That can be physicall or mentally ill, it doesn’t matter, its still caused by the stress pot overloading.

My aim, as a complementary therapist is to help you to reduce the gunk in your pot. How is this done? Reiki helps us to release old emotions that we’re holding onto from the past without having to re-experience them, kinesiology helps us to let go of negative beliefs and patterns, meditation helps us to live in the present so that we’re not stressing about the past or the future. Nutritionally we look at your diet and how that’s stressing your body out.

If you want to work on this yourself, then I’d recommend the our Yoga and Minfulness day (more information here.) Do something to relax every day. Decide to be nice to yourself, allow yourself to feel & accept your emotions (only by doing so can they change), buy yourself flowers, use candles, burn oils, drink more water. There’s loads of little things that you can do for yourself on a daily basis that will help to keep the gunk in your pot to a minimum!

And remember, any time you get sick its because your stress pot has overloaded. If you get ill regularly it’s worth asking yourself how you deal with your emotions, what role does stress play in your life and what physical changes can you make to support your body.