ie Giving up worry and letting go


I always wondered what the difference was. Surely by letting go I was giving in? I first heard people talk about this a few years ago. I was told that I should give up worry, that I should give up control and trust in the powers that be. But I struggled with the idea, if I gave up then am I not telling the universe that I didn’t care! How could I give up and not give in?

Just for today I will not worry…….

Is one of the Reiki principles. I never really thought about worry before and how that was actually preventing me from manifesting the life that I wanted.  I realised that worrying and holding onto things, people, situations and especially outcomes only made me miserable! I was constantly stressed, had a permanent knot in my stomach and was on tender hooks and likely to snap at anyone who looked my way!! I knew I had to let go of the worry, but at the same time I couldn’t reconcile with “giving it up/letting go” and how I could do that.

It’s only in recent years that I’ve figured it out. Giving up worry and letting go means handing over the worry, stress and an attachment to the outcome. It allows things to flow to you, it allows you to trust in the universe, letting go is freedom. I still knew what I wanted from the situation and I still focused on that but I gave up figuring out how it was going to manifest, I loosened my grip. While I was holding on, I was trying to control which is fear based. Control is not trusting and it’s head-wrecking as we try to figure out how things are going to happen!

For example. When I first opened my practise I wanted 6 people on a particular workshop. So I  “put it out there” that I wanted 6 by asking for it via cosmic order. Grand, sorted, so then I’d wait for the phone to ring and the emails to come in, I’d go through the list of clients that I had trying to figure out who would come, I’d stress about it, worry about it, try to let it go, but wouldn’t be able to.  In effect I was blocking what I wanted from coming to me as I was focusing on what I didn’t have, ie 6 people.

This was exhausting and nearly ended up in me giving up on workshops altogether.  I was trying to control everything as I thought this was the way to do things. If I gave over the worry was I not giving over wanting to fill the workshops, would it mean that I wasn’t meant to care if it filled up or not? I couldn’t do that cause I did care! I was quite confused by the whole idea.

After some reflection, I decided I had to change this as it clearly wasn’t working, I started in the same way, putting it out there that I wanted 6 people but this time I let it go. I let go of “how” it was going to happen, how the people would find me, instead I placed trust in the universe that my request was heard and that it would be answered. Now, people find me in all sorts of way, it’s actually incredible to hear how the wheels were put in motion.

So while you sometimes might think that your request hasn’t been heard, remember that you don’t know what’s winging its way to you.

Remember to keep the door open and trust!!

“Worry is like praying for something you don’t want to happen”

When you release yourself from worry, you’ll be free to concentrate on what you do want and you’ll suddenly find solutions you never thought were there. It’s like pulling the wool from in front of your eyes, you’ll develop a new perspective and a wonderful sense of peace that you know that everything will work out as it’s meant to.

So how do you release worry? Well there are a number of things that you can do some of which are:

1) The cookie jar.

Developed by John Thie, a renowned Kinesiologist. I only heard about this a few years ago and I though it was genius. Basically you write down what you’re worried about on pieces of paper. One worry per piece and put them all into a cookie jar. Then you make a promise to yourself that you will not worry about whatever is in the cookie jar for one week. After this time, sit down and go through your cookie jar. Take out the things that you’re not worried about any more and add in other worries if you need to. Do the same thing again, put the jar away and promise that you won’t worry about the contents for the week and again sit down a week later and go through the jar. And so on. If you do start worrying about what’s in the jar, then stop yourself and remind yourself that it’s in the jar and you’ll look at it when the jar is opened again.

2) Meditate.

Known as one of the best forms of stress relief and to combat worry, meditation is becoming more and more popular. Many people aren’t sure what it is or how to do it but really all it is is a way to relax and centre yourself. That could be spending 5 minutes a day doing some deep breathing exercises, or walking in nature and being fully present to the colours, sounds, smells and feel of the terrain. We covered meditation in a previous newsletter so I won’t go into it more here. However, if you’d like more information on it then please email me and I’ll send you on that edition.

3) Affirmation or mantra.

Repeat daily. “I trust, I believe, I receive.”

If you want worry to be a thing of the past then do the above, they work excellently for freeing you up from this useless emotion to allow more trust to automatically happen!