Work Life Balance

5 simple ways to have a work/life balance

We're all looking for it, it's the buzz word of the last few years - work / life balance.

Follow these are 5 simple ways to help you do just that.

  • Have clear boundaries between work and home. Leave work on time and don’t take it home with you. It’s too easy to be always available, to have the phone on or worse still, if you have a blackberry or iphone, you’ve constant access to your email. Turn it off once you leave the office.

    I know it can be difficult but it’s vital for you to be able to de-stress in the evenings and you won’t be able to do this if you’re checking voicemails, texts and emails.

    It’s also imperative to leave work on time. If you’re constantly working late, there is a significant likelihood that you’ll become less effective even though you’re spending more hours at work.
  • Environment . Have a look around you, is your desk a mess? Do you groan when you walk in and see your desk every morning? Are you overcome with calm as you notice this years holiday snaps on your partition? Or do you marvel at how your plant has blossomed overnight?

    It may sound over the top to you but your environment greatly effects how we feel and so how productive we are at work. Make this a positive space. You don’t have to have pictures of your partner all over the place or multiple cacti/ angels, just a few simple things that help you feel at home. Organise your mess as well so that you can easily find documents/ pens/ etc.
  • Get organised : Time management.

    Most of us spend 20-30% of our time looking for things showing the need for more organisation. Becoming more efficient users of time will give us more control over our lives and significantly reduce our stress. Simple tips for getting organised are:
    1. Make a schedule and stick to it. Do the things you least like to do first thing in the day so that they’re not hanging over you. Then prioritise it. Mark the tasks that are absolutely necessary and those that are of lesser importance. Also add in some time for interruptions and unscheduled events.
    2. Write down ideas as they occur. Have a notepad and pen with you at all times, and on your nightstand.
    3. Learn to say no to tasks that will not lead you toward your major goals.
    4. Learn to file in the wastebasket! Throw out pieces of paper that are cluttering up your desk, chances are that once read, you will not look at them again.
    5. Develop a filing system. Have it simple yet effective so that anyone can follow it. Then they won’t have to phone you when you’re away on holidays!
    6. Determine when you’re most efficient. Are you a morning or afternoon person? It’s best to schedule your more difficult tasks for a time when you’re at your most creative.
    7. Take breaks. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, get away from your desk and have a walk around.
    8. Avoid interruptions. If you have your own office, keep the door closed when you’re very busy or when you’re at your most creative (see point f above).
    9. Keep a list of “5 minute tasks”. You can then do these if you have spare time between meetings or other gaps that appear in your workday.
  • Watch what you eat and drink . Cut down on coffee and increase your water intake. When your body is under stress so too is your mind. Review your diet and try to eat three good meals a day. Reduce your intake of sugar and processed foods and eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day. Take a full lunch time and get a walk in if you can.
  • Take up a hobby/ get fit . It’s so important to have a way of de-stressing your mind and your body. Whether that’s something like yoga, knitting or more taxing like running or going to the gym, do something. It will relax your mind and your body and help you to sleep better.

It’s the simple things that have the greatest effect, so give the these tips a go,


Simple ways to have a work/life balance