Managing your wellbeing through COVID 19

Here are all the sessions listed for you, please click on the session title to be taken to the relevant webpage

Session 1: We begin

  • Starting from where you are.

  • How to deal with the current environment

  • Simple changes to bring into your life today

  • A mindfulness practice for calm, presence and centering


Session 2: Setting up your work-space 

  • Setting up a workspace

  • Having boundaries between work and home

  • How to be more effective at home. 

  • A mindfulness practice for increasing attention span, training your awareness to be more focused

Session 3: Mind:Body connection 

  • Getting out of your head

  • Listening to and tuning into your gut feeling

  • Bringing appreciation to your body

  • A mindfulness practice for cultivating a deeper connection to your body 

Session 4: Become less reactive

  • Responding v's reacting. Do you react to triggers or do you respond with awareness? Oftentimes we are in a reaction before we know where we are! When we respond we get to choose how we meet a situation or a trigger, which is often calmer and better for us long term!


Session 5: Bonus day

  • Review of the week 

  • You will be guided through a different type of meditation :-) Something a little different

You will get: 

Session 6: Starting your day with intention

  • Using intentions to have clarity, focus and productivity in your day.

  • The difference between a goal and an intention.

  • You will be guided through an intention setting meditation to help you get really clear on how you want to be today.

  • I will also share with you constructive morning reflections

Session 7: How to be happier without buying a thing!

  • What determines our natural happiness. 

  • Science and happiness

  • How we can have more of a positive outlook in life (and we can) 

  • Simple tools to be happier in the here and now

  • The power of gratitude

Session 8: Positive thinking

  • Positive thinking: Dispelling the myth

  • Using mantras v's affirmations

  • Affirmations v's Mantras

  • A mantra for negative thinking

Session 9: Dealing with anxiety

  • How to deal with it

  • A simple strategy for it

  • A mindfulness practice to help you to let it go

Session 10: Bonus Day!

  • Creativity - how important it is especially at this time

  • How to become more creative

  • Why it's necessary and what it means exactly

  • Today we do a different kind of meditation - one I really love.

  • A bonus Yoga session recorded by Dani -

Session 11: The breath

  • The breath and mindfulness

  • How to be calm in the midst of change

  • What to do in the middle of the night when you wake up and can't get back to sleep

Session 12: Resilience

  • How to be more resilience

  • Building a toolkit - how and why


Session 13: Acceptance

  • Acceptance and a favourite story of mine about Michael J Fox

  • How it can transform any situation.

Session 14: Compassion 

  • A story of two wolves. 

  • Why do you need compassion, 

  • The scientific evidence for it

  • How it will help you in your life

  • How to cultivate compassion and lots more. 


Session 15: Creativity, visualisation and more


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