February 19, 2020

"The way I see it is if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."
Dolly Parton

I was reminded recently of a story I heard it at a mindfulness course a few years ago. We were talking about how the mind can create challenges and can seemingly make moutains out of molehills. A man on the course shared his twopence and I thought it was a great metaphor...

February 10, 2020

Hmmm Carl Jung knew a thing or two about many things including resistance.

Do you know resistance? Maybe it comes up for you as it does for me, especially when I go to do anything that is remotely labelled "self -care." 

Really do you've time to be doing this?

Ah I'm just too tired

I'll get to it later

I'll do it tomorrow

I'll tackle this ironing/ these emails/...

February 10, 2020

If your company is looking for an empowering and impactful experience for this International Women’s day, I invite you to host a women’s circle.

Why women’s circles?

Sitting in a circle helps us to fully see each other as peers sharing meaning, creativity, and a common center. When we sit together in a circle there is no status, there is no one in front of us or...

January 30, 2020


I have always loved this quote by Fritz Perl (founder of gestalt therapy) 

For me its the essence of mindfulness. Apparently we have somewhere between 80 and 100,000 thoughts every single day. Somedays I think it's more like 150,000 and I don't know about you but I can get so caught up in my thinking, following every thought believing each one to be true....

January 10, 2020

If you had told me that I would be doing this job 20 years ago I would have looked at you, laughed hysterically and called you a nutter!

You see I was trained to be a Scientist and I was very sceptical about anything to do with this field of work. I thought it was for hippys and people who didn’t really live in the real world. How wrong I was.

When I got my degr...

January 7, 2020

I've had such an interesting couple of weeks. At the beginning of December I was lucky enough to go on honeymoon to Bali. I don't know if you've been (it had been 20 years since I had) but it's a wonderful country with a culture that runs deep in the very essence of their being and it's the most important thing to them. 

It was a strange experience for me in tha...

October 25, 2019

When I ask people who come to an 8 week Mindfulness course why they're there, lots of them tell me it’s because they suffer from anxiety regularly, most of them on a daily if not hourly basis. All of them want to get rid of this feeling and live anxiety free, hence their presence in Mindfulness classes. 

I've been surprised at the amount of people who tell me...

September 5, 2019

Do you respond or react?

What are your triggers? Perhaps it's a red light, a look from your partner, a queue in a supermarket, a traffic jam, the voice of your boss, ........

We are human beings and we are conditioned to react to all sorts of triggers. You may be nodding to some of the above or you may have your own list, but we all have one. It's just the world...