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Welcome to Stage 1: The foundations

Week 5: Create a dedicated Meditation space

It’s helpful to create your own meditation space, especially if you forget to practice. It serves as a visual reminder and it also serves as an anchor for your body and mind as the more that you practice in that spot,  the more your body will associate it with meditation and this will also enhance your practice. Here are a couple of tips for setting up your own meditation spot

  1. Select a space

Go with your gut feeling on this. You can move it around after a while if you wish but if it’s your first one, ask yourself, where I would like to put it? Create it in a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. You can use cushions or a meditation cushion or bench if you wish. You can buy these online but to start off normal cushions are perfect, or a chair if that’s more comfortable for you. Also if you’re tight on space it can be move-able, in that you put it away when not practicing and create it when you’re ready.

2. Choose your items

You can decorate it if  you wish items like flowers, candles, a slip of paper with an intention on it. Or photos of your loved ones. If you’re using flowers, use ones that are in season, collect shells or stones from the beach.


Make it a space that you want to sit down in.  



Stage 1: The Foundations


Over the course of the past 5 weeks we have covered:

  1. What mindfulness is

  2. How to practice it: Posture, alignment, time of day

  3. The myths of Mindfulness: It's not about controlling your thinking.

  4. Mindfulness + Intention

  5. Informal Practices: Mindful walking

  6. The story of the Golden Buddha

  7. Dealing with Resistance

  8. Setting up a meditation space.

You also received: (all of these are listed below for your convenience)

  • 3 Audio explanations

  • 4 formal practices

  • 1 Informal practice 

  • 2 downloadable articles

This evening on our webinar (8pm GMT) I answer any questions that you might have on the foundations. I will also review all the content so don't worry if you didn't get to the sessions for this stage, just come on the call and  you will catch up.  

I will also be launching Stage 2 during which I will let you know what to expect from this stage- nothing! :-) 

Come join the call and you will find out all! 

Audio Explanations


Formal Practices

Informal Practice


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