Be Here Now

Welcome to Stage 2: Delving Deeper

Week 3: Non- Striving

Welcome to week three and this week, I'd like to tell you about the mindful attitude of non-striving and the archetype of Sysiphus. This is for you if you find yourself a slave to lists, getting things done and not being able to switch off. 

Its's all about doing nothing or no-thing! 

We are constantly on the go, doing, striving, forcing, ticking things off a list, multitasking etc. I found myself completing an email, having a conversation and eating my lunch all at the same time, none of which I was doing very well!

This constant doi-ing and striving mentality isn’t good for us. It sends our bodies into a state of constant stress and anxiety. We make rash decisions, can’t think clearly and become more and more reactive. The more we do the more we need to rest and in mindfulness we are invited to let go of this do-ing mentality in order to rest, restore and re-balance.

Click here to read a brief article on this or listen to the audio explanation. This week I've also included a brief a formal practice on this topic. 

Please let me know if you've any questions!



Listen to the audio here

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