Be Here Now

Welcome to Stage 3: The Present Moment

Why now?

The power of the present moment. When was the last time you remember being fully in the here and now? What did it feel like? In this stage you will learn how to live more in the here and now. Why? Well....

Picture this: someone important to you is talking to you. You're normally distracted by your to do list, or work or your phone but this time you are fully present. You are present to the words that they're saying but also to their body language and their tone etc. What does it feel like? What’s their response? When we are truly heard, without judgement or advice we flourish. It's called the gift of presence. 


In this stage you will learn the power of this and also I will share simple ways to come into the now and enjoy the moment.


You will also learn how to bring this presence to tasks at work or at home, helping you to be more productive, focused and make less mistakes. that is, do a better job :-) 


Why? Because when you're present you're at your best

Read this article or listen to the audio for more on why living in the moment is so important, this week I've also recorded a new short formal practice based on this teaching

I hope you enjoy!



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Peace is this moment 

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