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Welcome to Stage 3: The Present Moment

Last week I suggested an exercise in noticing how much of your attention is in the here and now, if you are constantly thinking one step ahead of yourself or are you in the past?

How did you find it? What did you notice? How much of your attention goes to the future or the past? 60 – 70% or more? That’s the answer I most often hear.


Perhaps this week you can again notice and see if this percentage decreases.

This week we are looking at a strong and powerful myth played out over and over again in our society that stops us finding peace in this moment. That is the "I'll be happy when......" myth...it keeps us future orientated, chasing a dream that happiness is in something else or someone else.


Week 2: The myth of “I’ll be happy when…..”


One of the myths we have learnt that takes us out of the moment is the myth that our happiness lies in the future. I call it the

“I’ll be happy when….” myth.


Perhaps you’re familiar with it? Thoughts such as…….


“I’ll be happy when my boss leaves”

“I’ll be happy when I’m on my holidays”

“I’ll be happy when I get a promotion”

“I’ll be happy when I lose weight”

“I’ll be happy when I get that car”

“I’ll be happy when ……..

                  you may be able to add in a few others


Mindfulness awakens us to this myth and shows us that nothing external can provide us with lasting happiness.

Listen to the audio below to find out more about this teaching. 




Listen to the audio

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