Be Here Now

Welcome to Stage 3: The Present Moment

Week 5: Mantras

Have you ever found that you are in the middle of something and you feel that you should be somewhere else, doing something else?

Wherever you are, be totally there. Eckhart Tolle

Perhaps this feeling then diminishes or lessens your ability to enjoy what's happening in the here and now. Maybe you find yourself not listening or being fully attentive to someone or the task at hand?

If this if you then you might find the mantras today especially helpful. I use them a lot when I'm caught in up doing too much, or I'm chasing a to do list, or I've become aware that I'm not in the moment. These mantras help me stop and breathe, to do what I need to do and then move to the next moment

Listen to the audio below if you wish and this week you are also getting a new formal practice recording that incorporates the mantras. I'm also sharing stories on the power of tending to the now and then leaving it there! 

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