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What is magnified healing all about?

Magnified healing is a fairly new healing modality. It was first created in the 1980’s and it has been refined and improved over the years since then. The course itself teaches you about the path of ascension, the spiritual laws, the 3 fold flame, hierarchy and much more. You will be taught many things including the daily practice that takes approximately 10 minutes a day. It’s a deeply intensive and intentional practice that will help you to:

  • Clear past karma.

  • Build the light body,

  • Activate all the strands of DNA in the body

  • Heal at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual etc.

  • Expand and connect to your I AM presence

  • Activate the 5 higher light bodies.

  • Open your heart

You will also have the opportunity to connect with the loving healing energy of the goddess Kwan Yin.

Who is she?

She is known to be the goddess of Mercy, Compassion and forgiveness. This course is brought to you by her energy and so by attending you will be activating those qualities in yourself. She has a very gentle energy and soft presence yet her power is infinite. Many women connect with her when trying to conceive as she’s also the guardian of women and children.

What else will be covered?

You will also learn about the following and how to use them in your life:

  • Violet Fire – for moving through fears, blockages and stagnation.

  • Absent Healing – you can send this healing to family and friends.

  • Healing of the Earth – and to Mother earth

  • The 3 fold flame of the heart – you will be guided through a deeply healing meditation to expand this flame of love, power and wisdom.

After the course, some people have reported that:

  • Life is easier

  • Manifestation is easier and quicker

  • The daily practice builds the more they use it.

  • They have a deeper understanding of the spiritual path

  • They feel more connected, to heart, to their soul

I first came across Magnified Healing 4 years ago knowing nothing about it. I wasn’t even sure why I was signing up for the course! I just knew in my heart that I had to do it and I was delighted that I did. I use the daily practice nearly every day and when I do forget, I feel the difference. I’m not as centered, calm or connected to my intuition, the day doesn’t flow as easily and I tend to be less self-compassionate.

If this is appealing to you then you can register your interest via the link below or your can email me at for more information or ring me at 086 682 4401.

The cost of the 2 day workshop is €225. This includes a comprehensive manual, accompanying essence and practice cd. A €75 deposit will secure your place.

Next course dates: Sat & Sun 21st & 22nd October

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