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Give yourself a break!

I'm seeing in a lot of my clients struggling with pressure recently. Pressure. I suddenly start singing a queen song whenever I say the word, and even though I thought this doesn't apply to my life..............well as soon as I started thinking about it I realised, and saw time and time again, that it does and everyone puts themselves under pressure, fierce pressure.

But for what?? What's the pay off?

Does that pressure make you skinnier, or happier, or more fulfilled, or more abundant? I seriously doubt it.

• "I should

• I must

• I have to

• In order to be happy, I must......"

These are words that invoke an internal pressure, for example:I must be happy, I must be thin in order to be happy, I should be happy, why am I not happy (and your mind will give you plenty of reasons!)I have to be successful, then I'll be happy/confident/able to relax.... etc etc Every time we say things like this to ourselves, we put more pressure on until one day we explode or worse, implode!

I've worked with many creative people and they all say that the one thing that will stop the flow of creativity is pressure. If they approach the canvas of their art with the pressure of having to create a masterpiece chances are that they will not create their best work. They all say that the most relaxed they are the better everything flows.Is this not the same in every day life?

When you approach your own canvas (life) with pressure, you limit your experience to how you believe it should be instead of enjoying the unfolding of the moment, relationship or event.Where do you put pressure on yourself? Is it all of your life or just certain areas?

Perhaps for the next week you could simply observe pressure and where it crops up in your life. You might not think now that you put yourself under pressure, but I guarantee that if you observe yourself for just 1 week you will see that you do.I had a chat with a client of mine recently and she said she used to put so much pressure on herself starting in the morning with the alarm clock. She always set it a little late, hit snooze a couple of times, then would have to rush around all day chasing her tail. She never arrived at anything on time and her stress levels were pretty high. She put herself under pressure from the moment she got up.Then she decided to do it differently. Now she gets her clothes and food for the week ahead ready on a Sunday, sets the alarm earlier and greets her day in a very different way, with no pressure. As a result she is calmer, happier, more relaxed and feels more in control. Her days flow and she's in a better place to deal with anything that happens. She consciously decided to let go of pressure and she's looks great as a result.

So, I'd like to invite you to have a look around your life and see some small area where you put yourself under pressure. Perhaps you're always telling people that you'll be there an hour before you realistically will be, or maybe you put yourself under pressure to always be the strong one, or you're trying to squeeze yourself into a tight pair of jeans!Well then, next time try something different and notice how it might just find it easier and a relief! You might just feel empowered and more in control, you might just enjoy it!

Thanks for reading!


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