• Ellen Shilling

An invitation from Autumn

This is such a beautiful time of year, as nature gives up her green, her leaves and her early rises to bring us reds, oranges, browns, russets and lots of foliage on the ground! I saw a gentleman the other day deliberately walk through a multitude of leaves, kicking his legs as if he was a child! It was lovely to see, we're never too old really!

As we move from the Autumn Equinox towards Samhain (November 7th), we are invited to pause, reflect and "let go of our leaves" as such, give thanks to those who have helped us, celebrate our achievements and reflect on what didn't work and why.

This can all be done via the following questions. You can meditate on each one or spend some time writing down the answers in a journal, whichever is preferable.

  • Harvest: What have you accomplished this year so far? What is your own personal harvest?

  • Who has helped you to achieve your harvest and how could you thank them?

  • Letting go: What do you want to let go of? This might be outworn modes of behaviour, old patterns and habits that are holding you back and the physical things associated with them. Perhaps it's time for a clutter clear.

  • Seeds: Which seeds (ideas, goals, aspirations) have grown, and which have not? Why have you been successful in some areas and not in others? How would you do things differently to ensure success next year?

  • The seeds that we plant now will re-emerge in the spring. What are your dreams, plans, hopes, schemes, and projects that you would like to come in to manifestation next spring? Consider the following areas: Personal growth, Spirituality, Health, Wealth, Family, Relationships, Career, Fun & Hobbies and Environment.

But most of all, enjoy the magic!


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