• Ellen Shilling

Learning to be ok with being vulnerable

Someone said to me many years ago that learning to be vulnerable would be the greatest thing that I'd ever do. I thought they'd lost their marbles.

At that time, to me being vulnerable meant being out there, warts and all, being exposed, weak, admitting I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing (in IT at the time), and a whole host of other fears.

I mean what good could come out of being vulnerable? Weren't we all supposed to be covering up our weaknesses as much as possible? In this hard world, perfections gains respect and it's expected from companies, families and friends. There was no room for this kind of thing in my life and so laughed at that suggestion and I pushed it one side ....

Only for it to come back and bite me, as these things do. Very annoyingly.

So I had to look at it and understand it in a new light. I see now that being vulnerable is the ultimate exercise in self acceptance. The freedom to say "I actually don't have a clue how my job works" or "I love you" to your partner first and not expect anything in return.

Vulnerability gives you the gift of removing the facade of thinking you need to be a different person in different areas of your life and permission to be all that you are in every area.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about or want to know a little more, have a look at this great Ted talk from Brenee Brown, it's magical and inspiring and most of all it's real & true.

It is 20 minutes long, so make yourself and cup of tea and give yourself the gift of watching this:

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