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What's this mindfulness that everyone is talking about?!

I was sent a great article this week about how Meditation (and in particular mindfulness) is becoming more and more trendy. The author complained (in a funny way) how now when you mention to anyone that you've any kind of problem, the immediate reply is now "Have you tried Mindfulness?"

I chuckled to myself when I read it.

It's probably true and in a way I'm disappointed that it's become a fad as generally fads don't last. However, at the same stage, if it sticks with even some of the people who are trying it now, well then that would be great.

While on my 2 weeks staycation, I attended a course on Mindfulness in which I got to be the student instead of the teacher. And I LOVED the experience. :-)

I learnt so much, and even though I had read and heard everything before, I heard it in a different way and I understood it from a different angle. It has re-ignited my passion for mindfulness and yes, I will probably always be one of those advocates who will ask you "Have you tried Mindfulness?"

Just please don't punch me in the face when I do.

So why is is so popular?

It's hard to contain the benefits in a sentence or two (or 20 bullet points!) so here goes - have you ever had 20 thousand thoughts at once? Become so caught up in your thinking that you don't remember the drive home or what you went into the room for? Have you ever had to re-read a paragraph of a book 3 times? Or felt so anxious that you had a knot in your stomach, finding it hard to sleep at night?

If you're nodding your head, then Mindfulness can help you. It's easy to do and it's beneficial for everyone. However: it's not for everyone. I know - a little shocking of me to say but just like yoga is amazing, not everyone loves it. It's the same for everyone after all, we're all inidividual. But maybe, just maybe it will be for you.

If you'd like to read more about mindfulness and the scientific research you can read about it here: Mindfulness in a nutshell

The next 8 week course starts on 1st October,

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