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Mindfulness and performance

A friend of mine told me a great story (well I thought it was!) a few years ago.

He was doing a triathlon in the west of Ireland. This is a combination of swimming, cycling and then running. He told me how he had just finished the swim and was setting off on his bike ride. He's a man who likes his gadgets so his handlebars were lined with watches, power meters and heart rate monitors all giving him instant feedback on how his body was doing.

He found that this mind was drifting back to the swim and if it wasn't drifting back it was ahead of him thinking of what was to come on the run. After 30 minutes of this he suddenly realised that his attention was in the future and not on the now. So he decided to practice some Mindfulness that he'd heard about at work.

He tuned into his body and how it was moving. He readjusted his posture, calmed his breathing and tuned into his senses. He started to look around him and appreciate the stunning scenery that was around him. Soon he was amazed to see his stats improved, his heart rate came down, his power outage went up and he completed the race with a personal best time.

I love this story as it shows the potential of mindfulness not just in sport but in life. How often do we all worry about whats coming up or what's just gone and then forget to take care of the now? I think a few of us could put our hands up! Now while it doesn't mean that we will avoid stress and worry, but it does mean that we can have more control and take more intuitive action in the here and now. And that can circumvent a whole lot of stress, anxiety and worry. Happy days.

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