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Chakra Series dates

This is the second year and third rotation for the chakra series. We started in Jan with the heart chakra and recently covered the root. As many of you have been asking me about the next dates, I've decided to plan a little better and so here are all the rest of the date for this rotation You can take a workshop as a one off our can you follow the path, it's totally up to you. Each workshop is 2.5 hours in length and costs €40

Next up:

Friday 22nd March - Sacral Chakra; Learning to go with the flow, creativity and tuning into our feminity (this include you too men!) 7pm

In the root chakra, we learnt about structure and definition, rules and boundaries. Now as we come to the sacral chakra, the element has changed from Earth to Water. If the root chakra is the “container” of the body, then the sacral is the fluid in this container i.e. once the survival needs of our body & soul are taken care of (root) then we can experience emotions and pleasure (sacral), we can express our creativity and we learn to go with the flow.

Sat 20th April 10am (Easter Saturday) - Solar Plexus - stepping into your power, reclaiming your right to be an individual. When your solar plexus chakra is balanced, you live and express your power in a loving way. You know that you have the freedom to choose to be yourself and direct your own life. You are motivated and you use your energy for the good of yourself, others and the world around you. You feel a sense of fitting in and belonging; you know you have an important role to play. You enjoy a fulfilling emotional life and you are able to experience joy. You feel daring and confident, able to take risks without fear of being judged or making a fool of yourself. You are free.

Sat 11th May - Throat Chakra: Living your authentic life

The Throat chakra is the first of the spiritual chakras and is associated with communication, connection to Spirit, living your truth, being aligned to your purpose and the expression of your creativity. As you can imagine when you see creativity, this chakra has a natural connection with the sacral chakra. While the sacral is focused on the creative process, the throat chakra’s emphasis is on expressing, communicating and projecting that creativity into the world authentically

TBC - Third Eye: Tuning into your innate wisdom and dispelling Illusion

What illusions do you subscribe to? What insights or a-ha moments have you had? Does your current perspective serve you? A picture paints a thousand words and so as we explore the third eye we are asked to challenge our illusions, our perspective and images. Are they healthy for me? Do they serve me? Illusions are very powerful, multimillion euro industries are built upon them such as the beauty, shopping and insurance companies so they’re very alluring and captivating, but the third eye allows us to see them for what they are and decide if we want to subscribe to them. These are the message of Ajna.

TBC - Crown Chakra: Connecting your purpose.

Sahasrara is the place of pure consciousness. This chakra is connected to your pituitary gland and governs the consciousness of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and spiritual wisdom.

When this chakra is open, a person can see and understand the deepest mysteries of life. It is through the crown chakra that we tap into our purpose, connect to whatever believe in and understand our world.

To sign up you can email me at Ellen@Xhale,ie or register for the event here


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