• Ellen Shilling

The importance of self care

I write a lot about self care, I'm a great believer in it.

Without it, we burn out, loose patience and we have nothing left to give.

Self care needn't be hard or lengthy, 10 minutes a day is enough but if you can't manage that then just a couple of minutes here and there is plenty.

I run a self care campaign every lent and for this one I recorded a series of videos in which I shared ideas for your self care. These are all techniques and practices that I have come across over the years that are the most powerful, life changing tools that I know and yet are very very simple.

This blog post is a compilation, one stop shop for all those videos for you to use as you wish, You can start at week 1 and work through them or you can go directly to a topic that interest you, whatever works for you.

Here they are:

Week 1 - What is self care all about. How can you start, ideas, tips and hints. 8 minutes

Week 2 - Permission. Why it's important to give ourselves permission and what it will do for us. 9 minutes

Week 3 - Creating space. How can I begin anything new with all if yesterday in me? Leonard Cohen In this video I share with you what it means to create space and how that can have positive implications in your every day life. I also talk about feng shui and using an basic tool for more flow and abundance in your life. 8 minutes

Week 4 - Want to be happier? In this video I talk about our happiness set point and how you can increase your happiness without changing your circumstances! So if you'd like to experience more happiness in your life, then this is the video for you! 10 minutes.

Week 5 - Energy is your currency! And in Complementary health, this is what we concentrate on - balancing energy. So what is it and what do I mean? Where are your blockages and how do they show up in your life? Watch the video to find out all.................13 minutes

Week 6 - Life happens right? The good stuff and the bad stuff. We cannot stop the bad stuff from happening despite the effort we put into trying to control our lives. No one is immune. So what can you do instead? You can build a toolkit that helps you to cope and deal when the inevitable happens. This gives you confidence because you know that when the brown stuff invariably hits the fan, you have an arsenal of tools and techniques to help you cope. ​In this video I talk about the toolkit and what I have found to be the best items to have in it. 7 minutes

Week 7 - Plogging. Helping the earth. We all need to do our bit and here's how you can start. 5 minutes.

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