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Musings as I land once more....

Thank you all for your wonderful wishes and congratulations on my recent nuptials. I heard a great anecdote from a woman who got married a few years ago, she said in the weeks after her wedding she couldn't get over how no one clapped when she entered a room!

I laughed and nodded for a good 10 minutes!

So now I'm firmly on terra firma, and enjoying being back in the ebb and flow of life. Recently I've been doing a lot of corporate work. One day I got to do a mindfulness session outside in the beautiful gardens of Powerscourt. It was so nice to pause and feel the sun (yes the sun!) on our bones, the wind on our skin and the sounds of birdsong, I can still feel it now and could see it in the eyes of all the participants. What a privilege.

I don't know if you saw it but there was a full moon and lunar eclipse on Tuesday night. I got wind of a lunar swim in Seapoint so we headed down at 9:30pm to join our fellow bathers. I couldn't believe my eyes, the place was packed! It was busier than any summers day, apparently it started as a meetup event and grew wings.

I thought this was so interesting.

Something that might have been a little out there a few years ago was now being embraced by so many. Most might not have known what was going on astrologically but something drew them there and I see it all the time....

People are looking for connection. To come into group, for a ceremony of sorts.

Whether that is to sit around a kitchen table and have the chats, to sit in mindfulness class and talk about their week or listen and realise that no one is alone. That everyone else has the same struggles or had them and survived. To bathe together under the full moon and let the sea wash away our troubles, if only for a few moments. To do something different, get off the couch and greet the moon, there is a yearning, a stirring within people to live, breathe and connect. It's beautiful to witness and be a part of.

And now there's a yearning in me for a new project. I've a few ideas perculating and brewing but suffice to say that the need to do something to help the earth is being called for. I'll be back here with more details soon......


Upcoming: Meditate at Lughnasa, heart Chakra Workshop, Mindfulness 8 week course

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