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“I never knew how many cobwebs I had”

A shocked and appalled client of mine remarked about her house just the other day. We both chuckled of course and I nodded my head in agreement! It started a conversation about how our current circumstances: working from home and taking online yoga classes (in my case, and there’s nothing like child’s pose to see the dust under the couch!) has made us much more aware of our surroundings, and unfortunately the cobwebs, dust balls and general home improvements necessary. Perhaps you're nodding your head also! This, to me, is the perfect metaphor for what I have witnessed and experienced over the past few months: not only are we seeing what needs to be done in our homes; we are seeing what needs to be done in our lives. Gone are the distractions, the commuting, the holidays abroad and instead we have time and space to see what needs to be seen uncomfortable as it may be, so that we can make changes if necessary. The implications of all of this are ever evolving. I’m hearing of break ups and makeups, of people making drastic changes in their jobs and their lives. I’m getting emails from people to tell me they have had enough of their corporate lifestyle and they are following their dreams. I’m also seeing anxiety levels rising as we are unsure about what’s coming next, what’s going to happen and how we are going to get ourselves through the next phase, what the future will bring etc No doubt it’s a challenging time for all of us and I’m finding myself meditating more and more to help cope with the ever changing landscape. However, it is also an opportunity to stop and reflect, make changes if necessary, create dreams and live a life more in alignment with what makes you happy. Now I’m not suggesting that everyone can suddenly change careers, but we can all make small changes that can have a big effect as what you do regularly is better than what you do every once in a while. Now more than ever we need tools. With all of this going on I know in my heart that now is the right time to offer you a free 7 day mindfulness programme I have created. The idea is that you will be sent a daily 7 minute mindfulness practice that will help you to deal with whatever this situation is bringing you.  It starts next Monday 14th September and every day for 1 week you will get an email from me at 7am (GMT) with a link to 7 minute mindfulness meditation.

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You don't need to know anything about mindfulness to join, indeed it might be a nice introduction for you if you're a newbie, or if you have a some knowledge but haven't practiced in a while, this may be a refresher, or if you are a regular you may learn something new! So, you see, it's for everyone. What does it cost? Nadda, nothing, zero!  And if you still need a few more reasons to join, mindfulness has been scientifically proven to:

  • Decrease Anxiety & Stress

  • Improve Creativity

  • Increase Your Ability to Focus

  • Increase Self-control

  • Improve Memory.

  • Release serotonin, the happy hormone.

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Looking forward to starting this with you next Monday morning :-)  


I've been teaching and practicing mindfulness over the past decade and it has honestly changed my life. 

Starting off as a qualified Biochemist it has been an interesting path and now I'd love to show you how mindfulness can be of benefit to you.  


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