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January 26, 2018


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Thank you for your interest in this little notion of mine! I ran it last year for the first time and I got such lovely feedback that I thought - well, couldn't everyone do with a little self care, so why not run it again this year. 


The idea originally came to me one day on my way to work. Lent was approaching and everyone was talking about giving up something,  I thought that instead of depriving ourselves wouldn't it be great to ask people to take up self care, and just 10 minutes of it a day.


We live in a fast paced, always on, frantic, pressurised world. The need for self care is even more important yet it seems to be the last thing that we do, and consequently we get snappy, tired, lethargic, not bothered and often sick.

What is self care?
Lots of people believe that it's selfish to look after yourself. Self care is not about being selfish, self care is about taking just 10 minutes a day to tune into yourself / look after yourself/ be nice to yourself so that you can be in a better place for the people around you. Whats selfish about that? 

Why 10 minutes?
Because it's feasible and it's easy, everyone can find 10 minutes. Turning off facebook, getting up earlier, turning off the tv are just some suggestions for finding that 10 minutes. If you want to committ to longer then by all means do that, just make sure you will absolutely be able to make that time consistently. I always say to clients to make goals easy so that the goal doesn't become a burden or a pressure. 

What are self care practises?
Simply put: they are quality practises that help you to feel happier, relaxed and enriched. Some examples are practising Gratitude, permission to do nothing of an evening, a massage, a facial, reading a book that inspires you, yoga, using affirmations or mantras to say nice things to yourself every day, setting daily intentions, going for a run, washing the car etc the list is endless and it will be different for everyone. I will be giving you suggestions each week via short newsletters. 


What you will get?

Weekly free hints and tips, meditations and practices all delivered to your inbox! 

Sign up to my FREE Self care campaign here: http://eepurl.com/cC4Rgr


And please pass on to anyone you think might be interested! 






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