The Chakras


Energy is your currency

When your energy is balanced you feel happy, content, motivated, compassionate and grateful. When your energy is low you may feel tired, burnt out, exhausted,  alone and weary.  This becomes very obvious to you when you're sick and have low energy. At this time you may have all the money in the world but if you don't have your energy life is difficult. 


These online resources have been born out of workshops that I have been teaching for the past few years. They have been tweaked and improved by all the great discussions, insights and contributions of the people who attended those workshops and now they are available for you to use at home if you so wish.

White Feather

For each chakra, you will receive: 

  • Healing meditations for you to connect to and awaken that particular energy centre. You will receive meditations that will bring you into the body and others that bring you on a guided journey to bring healing, insights and release. 

  • A comprehensive PDF on each chakra - what part of your life it relates to, what it means when it's blocked, what primarily blocks it, its' developmental age, the teachings for you and a number of simple ways to bring healing. 

  • A deepening practice if you want to go deeper into the teaching of that chakra and bring balance to it.

  • As with all my teachings, workshops and courses, I will be on hand to answer any questions or queries. You can connect with me via email: 

  • And finally to take the risk out of this and because I believe so much in this work (and have put so much work into it) I will give you your money back up to 7 days after your purchase if for any reason you're not happy. 

€15.99 per Chakra ON SALE today for €9.99 each or Purchase all the chakras for a one time offer of €50 (a saving of €19.93) 


All of this will be available online so that the meditations and course information can be used time and time again as each time a new teaching or insight becomes available to you.

You can purchase a single chakra, multiple  or for optimal value you can purchase them all and work through them at your own pace. Once you click on the link for the chakra that you want and make the payment a link will be sent to you with all of the resources.

Or if you would like more information about the chakras keep scrolling.......


Right to be here and to have

Security, manifesting your dreams, safety


Right to have and experience pleasure

Creativity, new ideas, sensuality

Solar Plexus

Right to act and be an individual

Empowerment, healthy boundaries, self acceptance


Right to love and be loved

Love, healthy relationships, compassion.


Right to speak and be heard

Communication & living authentically

Third Eye

Right to see and be seen

Intuition, Imagination, memory.


Right to know and to learn

Connection, purpose, Spirituality

All chakras

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An overview of the chakras 

So let me tell you a little bit about the chakras, some chakra stories (they may sound familiar to you) and at the end of this page I will share a resource with you so that you can find out what chakra is most in need of your attention.


I will start with the Root or Base chakra:

Did you know that each energy centre has a developmental age? For example, the Root chakra is the second trimester to 18mths. So if there were any traumas in your life or in your mother’s life at this time, your root chakra will be affected (and most people will have trauma in this chakra, after all whose mother had an easy delivery! But if that’s you, you’re very very lucky!)

How the effects of your birth shows up in your life is different for everyone: you may experience issues with your body, feel insecure or you may find it hard to feel at home or settled anywhere. You may be afraid to try new things or go to new places; you may find it challenging to deal with fears and get out of your comfort zone. Or you may feel in a state of high alert (high stress). You may experience some or all of the above to varying degrees.

Of course we cannot change our past but if we can bring understanding and awareness to it then we can lessen it's impact so that when we are faced with the same situations we can use our root chakra information, healing practices and meditations to bring choice and empowerment. ​

Another chakra that always interests me is the Sacral Chakra, the centre of creativity, sensuality and feminine power. It’s a really beautiful chakra that has a lot of gifts in it but unfortunately it gets overlooked. I find that many people I talk to are more interested in reclaiming their power (solar plexus) or finding “the one” (heart ) they don’t value the sacral and that’s probably because it’s not talked about a lot.


​Over the years of teaching I’ve come to really value this chakra especially when I need my creativity. Now when I talk about creativity most people say “oh I can’t draw” and yes while this is a part of creativity, it’s not all of it. I use my creativity to dream up new courses, to structure the outline of a workshop, to decide what my day is going to look like and when I encounter a challenge and need to think outside the box. There’s so many ways for you to use your creativity, after all at your very essence you are a creative beings, you create (with your words, thoughts, actions and choices) every single day.


​The blockage of the sacral is guilt. Hmmm this is such an interesting one isn’t it, especially if you are Irish; we were apparently born in original sin. My mother wasn’t allowed into a church after she gave birth until she was “cleansed” by a priest. If that wasn’t guilt loaded on her I don’t know what is! So we hold all this ancestral guilt as well as our own. No wonder us Irish can’t hoola hoop! 

​The Solar plexus holds intrigue for me, it’s about power. You might think that power isn’t necessarily a good thing (this is true when it’s used for egocentric purposes and I’d agree with you) but there is another side to power. When used in balance with the other chakras you can use your power to create positive change in yourself and consequently in your life. You might have all the great ideas in the world but unless you have access to your power how are you going to create them? How are you going to have the motivation (power) to do what you need to do to manifest them?

​Yet we often give our power away and in the solar plexus you will learn ways to take your power back and how to use it to drive your dreams, hopes and passions

​​​I think everyone knows about the Heart chakra! Awwwww, wow you feel such love, happiness, joy and connection when your heart is pulsating, open and breathing. When it's not you can feel depressed, disconnected, lonely and isolated. Sometimes we’ve built up walls over years that we need to carefully peel back overtime and oh so gently.

​If this chakra is calling to you then I’d also suggest the root as well. This is because the heart has to feel safe to open, to reconnect (depending on the trauma).


​The Throat chakra is next. Over the years I thought the throat was just concerned with speaking your truth and while yes, it’s a part of the teachings of this chakra, it’s about so much more than that! The throat chakra teaches you about authenticity. Are you living an authentic life? If not, what would that look like? Are you living in alignment with who you are?

​I saw a tv programme a while ago that showed a health blogger talking about juicing, eating only greens, diets, etc. She had a really big following on you tube and had this whole persona of living the healthy lifestyle. So in this tv show she just finishes a segment of filming and disappears off to the toilet, only to be discovered to be taking drugs. Now it’s only a tv show but this demonstrates what I mean. Living authentically. Perhaps you won't know what that means for you just yet, but by bringing awareness, healing and balance to this chakra you might just find out.


​The Third Eye chakra sounds very magical and mystical doesn’t it! It is the gateway to our intuition and our “psychic” side but of course that’s not necessarily true because the third eye is also about illusion. Oooohhh she’s going all David Copperfield on us! Ha but no, well maybe. Yes Magicians are the ultimate in illusion but on a daily basis we are surrounded by them all the time.  What illusions do you subscribe to?


Probably more than you think. Let me give you some examples: The “Ill be happy when….” Illusion, the “skinny is happy” illusion, the “I must be married, with 2.4 children, have a fantastic home, career and s*x life” illusion (how exhausting is that!)

We are fed these all the time in our culture. Reflecting and working with the third eye you will be invited to discard the illusions that no longer serve you and keep the ones that do.

​​The Crown – last but never least: purpose! Please note: purpose is not “what career am I going to pursue?” purpose in this sense is beyond career and more along the lines of “what type of person do I want to be, what do I want my legacy to be, how would I like to be remembered” all very poignant and reflective questions that are worth sitting down with and contemplating.  This chakra is also, as you can probably imagine, about our spirituality.

​Now, don’t worry, that’s not necessarily religious (although for some people it is). Spirituality is different for everyone, for me it’s a connection to nature, for other people it's about helping people, and others it’s being a member of the community. What this looks like for you will be unique to you and it’s worth finding out.


​If you’d like to join in on this journey we start at the root and like a tree, build up through the trunk to the branches. 

​If you need any more information before you make your purchase please do not hesitate to contact me via the form at the bottom of this page. 

Chakra Stories

Mary is 35 years old. She had a great upbringing and a stable home environment up to the age of 7 when her parents separated (heart). She knew she was loved but the separation was hard for her to take. She excelled at school and made many friends along the way (solar), many of which she is still in touch with.

Now in her mid 30’s she find that she’s having regular panic attacks (heart), and while she is successful in all other areas of her life she would love to have a boyfriend. She puts herself out there all the time, she’s on the apps, does all the things that she’s meant to but nothing seems to work. When I ask her if love knocked on the door today and showed up saying “come on Mary, I’m ready for you, let’s go” what would she do? “Run a mile” is her answer.

Marys’ heart is not surprisingly wounded from her parents separation, and on deeper delving we find more instances of her relationships not working out, each time it’s her partner that leaves her (like her Dad left her Mum) She thinks in her mind that she’s ready and yes a part of her is, but her heart is scared of being hurt again.  (Root and heart)

John is 41 years of age. He’s in a dead end job, that feels like its’ going nowhere. He goes through the motions every day but he finds there is no passion in it and he wonders what he “should do when I grow up” (Crown). He feels pressurised into staying in this job as his parents ingrained in him the belief that no one leaves a permanent, pensionable job (third eye, illusions).

He has lots of ideas as to what he wants to do (sacral) but he doesn’t know how to bring them to fruition (root) , If only he could find a path out of his job and into some sort of self-employment (third eye) he knows he would be much happier (heart)

Sarah is overwhelmed (root), she is the mother of 2 small children whom she loves dearly. She is married to Paul for the last 10 years and while she loves him the passion has gone out of their marriage (Sacral). She really wants to seduce him (sacral) but she’s afraid of being rejected (root & heart), if only she could express herself and give herself permission to enjoy pleasure and not feel it’s something shameful (sacral)

Annemarie feels like she’s lost her voice (throat). No one seems to hear her now and every time they go to the shops the assistants talk to her daughter instead of her (solar plexus). Decisions seem to be taken away from her and she’s feeling powerless in her life (solar plexus). She wants to find a space in which she can offer her services like a volunteer organisation so that she can feel seen (third eye) and be of some use to someone (heart)

Seamus is looking for more meaning in his life (crown). His life ticks all the boxes – great job, relationship and financial abundance but this doesn’t bring him the joy he thought it would (third eye). He knows that there is something missing in his life; he just can’t quite figure out (sacral) what it is (crown)

You might now have an idea of what chakra needs your attention, but if not or you're curious you can take this test to find out! 

Click here to download the FREE Chakra Discovery Test

Inside you will find a very easy to use and quick test that will help you to discover where you need to place your energy and what chakra is most in need to your attention at the moment. 

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